When I arrived at the Sunset Key dock waiting for me was a high energy 7 yr old named Maddy. Maddy had traveled to Key West with aunt Terry Ward who is a freelance writer and contributing editor for Endless Vacation Magazine ( http://www.terry-ward.com ).

After discussing our fishing options Maddy decided she wanted to catch snappers and was extremely excited when I said we would see some sharks as well.

We ran west from Key West and set up a chum line off the edge of a shallow grass flat. Maddy went to work catching small snappers and it wasn’t long before the sharks showed up. After Maddy wore out a few lemon sharks that were as big as she is aunt Terry got her turn and caught some as well.

To finish off Maddy’s adventure we decided to go look for bottlenose dolphin and this really got her fired up.

There are several areas where bottlenose dolphin feed around Key West so we headed over to a likely spot and started our search. It didn’t take too long before we saw a single dolphin that then led us to a small pod and then to a larger pod. Success!

I only wish my anglers Jon and Sun Hippie could’ve been there to take a fishing lesson from 7 yr old Maddy-she did an awesome job catching those sharks!