Recently returned from fishing the Rogue River near Grants Pass, Oregon with my buddies Bobito, Sun Hippie and Roger. The first day we did well on the steelhead but it slowed down the second day, although Bobito and I did manage a steelhead and cutthroat trout each. On this trip the steelhead were from 19″-24″.

Our poor friend Sun Hippie flailed away making the Rogue a frothy mess and couldn’t catch his butt with both hands. In the race for “Worst Angler Ever” he is inching away from my other friend Jon. Roger, who had never fished for steelhead before and was using a spinning rod pretty much out fished us all those two days.

Pictured below is our foggy morning start rowing to the first spot, Bobito and his trusty spey rod,our excellent guide Steve Bonner and myself with a typical steelhead for our trip.