Yes, living in the Lower Keys and Key West is pretty close to being in paradise. BUT everyone needs to get away from where they live for a little while. This summer I went with buddies Bobito, Lars, Dan and my brother Matt to Montana to fish for trout and enjoy getting away from the heat and humidity of the Keys. What else does a fishing guide do but go fishing on his vacation!

First we explored Yellowstone National Park then fished the Madison river. From West Yellowstone we drove up to Craig, Mt and fished the Missouri and Blackfoot rivers. We caught plenty of fish and a great time was had by all.

Pictured below are just a sample of the trout we caught and taking a lunch break on the Missouri. Guides Ben Hardy, Jared Edens and Peter Skidmore out of Craig were awesome to fish with!

IMG_1051 IMG_1058

IMG_1057 IMG_1054 IMG_1079