Over a month ago we thought that cooler weather would never arrive. How things have changed as we get slammed by back to back to back cold fronts. Mind you, these are mild fronts compared to up north with our temperatures barely hitting the low 60’s.

We need this cooler weather to get the migratory species moving in such as sailfish, kingfish and cobia. What has made this fishing a challenge so far is the wind hasn’t dropped out much between these fronts making it hard to find clean water and somewhat of a lee to fish in.

But things are constantly changing and I know the weather will run it’s course and we will continue to catch fish. Right now we have a lot of variety. Offshore-kingfish, sailfish, blackfin tuna, bonito, cobia, cero mackerel, grouper and snapper.

Inshore: barracuda, trout, pompano, jacks, ladyfish and snapper.

Pictured below is Tim and Kris from Pennsylvania with a nice red grouper. Next Rory, who had a short drive down from Miami with a kingfish.