IMG_0087Happy Memorial Day to you. Please remember the true meaning of this holiday. God Bless my fellow veterans and all active duty military personnel at home and abroad protecting our great nation.

I’ve been fishing everyday and not taking much time to post so here’s an update. The weather was great last week and there were good pushes of migrating tarpon. The wind is coming up and this week chasing tarpon on fly will be an extreme challenge. There are dolphin (the fish not the mammal) ¬†offshore and plenty of grouper and snapper on the reef.

Pictured is one of several tarpon we caught with Chuck’s group around Key West Harbor. The last picture is a throw back to the late 80’s or early 90’s. That’s Roger and John after an epic trip to the Tortugas. Now I can hardly get Roger out of his cave in central FL and John has passed away. RIP John. We miss you.