So in the last 3 weeks we’ve had about 2 nice days of weather and I had to move my charter around to get in one of the good weather days. On one the nicer of the nasty weather days I took out my client even though it was pretty rough. He had his wife and in-laws with him and his mother-in-law didn’t last long before she was projectile vomiting over the side-way to make a good impression Bruce!

More Rogue River……..

Below is a picture of Roger “the Rookie” on our Oregon trip. Nice Rogue River steelhead. His guide Dennis Nagel took the picture and did a great job the 2 days our group was fishing. Sun Hippie claims I’m persecuting him about his fishing prowess but I’ve either seen pictures or been witness to everyone on the trip catching a steelhead but him. If the shoe fits……..