This is a sad story. A tale of bungling and ineptitude so great it boggles the mind.

I met my friend Jon back in 1975 when we served together in the Coast Guard. I’ve been trying to teach him to fish ever since-I have failed.

Jon came to visit and we went fishing. I had not seen Jon in a while and we had not fished together for years. The first mistake I made was handing Jon a rod with my best and most expensive Rapala plug. After several attempts to cast with line going everywhere and him wrapping the line around every conceivable thing in the boat (including us) he finally got off a cast. Next thing I know he was hooked up to a good size fish and line was screaming off the reel. You know this doesn’t end well-he breaks off the fish and there goes my plug.

This goes on ALL day. Jon hooked jacks, ladyfish, bluefish and sharks and only managed to land the head of a jack.

Back at the dock we decided to go eat sushi for dinner. I guess anytime Jon gets around fish he falls apart because he stabs himself in the eye and face several times while trying in vain to use the chopsticks. After we got him a fork all went well.

So Jon, I affectionately give you the title “Worst Angler Ever”! I will admit Jon shares this title with another angler I fish who is known as “Sun Hippie”.

Below is Jon with his fish head and fork.