11th Mar, 2014

Do you remember your first time?

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Shellie does. It was today on my Conch 27. Congratulations to Shellie on her very first fish EVER! Shellie and her husband Patrick came down from Memphis to escape the cold and we had a fun day on the water releasing several grouper and catching a few snapper.


9th Mar, 2014

muttons and mangroves and lanes..oh my!

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After 2 days of wind and rain the weather broke and it was a beautiful Keys day. Ran to the reef and caught mutton, mangrove, yellowtail and lane snapper. Also caught and released red, black and scamp grouper and a few amberjacks.

Marty and his son Patrick pictured with a few of their snappers.


2nd Mar, 2014


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I came across these pictures I took while fishing for tarpon in 2012. We were on a white spot when this sawfish swam by and hung around the boat for awhile. Sawfish are prehistoric creatures and very rare. I haven’t posted the pictures before and thought I’d share them.

Currently the weather is spectacular and fishing has been pretty solid.



22nd Feb, 2014


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The weather remains beautiful and I’ve been stuck on the dock with no trips the last few days. I’m putting the down time to good use by rigging tackle and doing boat and reel maintenance. I took the Dragonfly flats skiff to fiberglass guru Greg Lynch to fix some dings and detail the boat-getting ready for tarpon season!



15th Feb, 2014

Good Weather Returns

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A beautiful day in Paradise-air temp in the 70’s and light breezes. Below is my old friend Ott and his Navy buddy Jack with their wives Julie and Judy after an action packed day of fishing on the reef.


13th Feb, 2014

It had to end

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The spectacular weather we have been experiencing the last few weeks came to an abrupt end last night with thunderstorms and high winds moving in. The good news is that it should move through by Saturday.

No fishing today and my productivity has been limited to wearing out my dogs with the frisbee and answering emails from clients. My big decision now is doing maintenance on the boats or bloody mary’s. Decisions, decisions. I think I hear the bloody’s calling my name……

Below are a worn out dog and the radar-most of the storms are already past.

10th Feb, 2014

Surprise Guest at the Saltwater Sportsman Seminar

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A special guest speaker showed up last Saturday at the SWS seminar-none other than Coach Jimmy Johnson. I was privileged to spend some time with Coach in the “green room” before he went on stage to do the opening segment on offshore fishing. Coach Johnson is the real deal and is very passionate about his fishing and his football. And as you might expect he has no problem voicing his opinions! Between “Jimmy” and the three or four guides in the room you needed waders to get to the door through all the BS!

Below is Coach Johnson and me. Then Capt. […]

9th Feb, 2014

A Busy Week

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Weather was perfect and fishing was good last week. We caught and released lots of red and black grouper, mutton, mangrove and lane snapper. There were also cero mackerel, kingfish and sharks thrown in to keep things interesting. The week ended with the Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar series where I was part of a great group of guides assembled to share our knowledge with anglers that came from all over (even California) to learn details about fishing in the Florida Keys. More from the seminar in my next post.

Below are the Ford Dealers Group from Michigan who threatened to throw me […]